Himalaay T-shirt : Albert Einstein

৳ 200

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the greatest scientists ever. He is also a philosopher. His precious theories are the path of our lives. According to him – imagination is far more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited but imagination is infinite. We are proud to design a t-shirt with the great man Einstein. Our T-shirts are available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL) in cotton fabric.

Retail price of T-shirt per piece-250 taka only.

Call to order-01920886419




Name :  Albert Einstein

Brand :

Designer : Himel Hussen Himu

Brand  : Himalaay T-Shirt ( Gents Half Sleeve)

GSM   : 170 Gsm

Size    : S  M  L  XL

Price  : 250 Taka

Delivery Charge: 60 Taka ( In Dhaka )  130 Taka ( Out of Dhaka )

Delivery Time  :  1 Day ( In Dhaka )  3 Day ( Out of  Dhaka )


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